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    Application Phase

    Hello everyone, We will edit this post if the application phase has been closed or ended but that does not mean forever we will probably reopen it in 2 weeks to a month. Kind Regards, tr1x and the devshub staff team.
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    How to apply

    We wanted to do an application because of people joining and trolling and talking about cheats. This way we get rid of all the trolls and people that are not willing to learn and to have an active and helpful Userbase. Not only that we want a very trustworthy and mature Userbase on top of that...
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    Application Template

    Hello devshub Staff Team, Here is my application. Personal Information: Name: (First name) Age: Location: (+Timezone) Developer Information (Links): Github: StackOverflow: Gitlab: These are the links that I would like to see in your application but if you have any other links that show your...
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