How to apply


We wanted to do an application because of people joining and trolling and talking about cheats.
This way we get rid of all the trolls and people that are not willing to learn and to have an active and helpful Userbase.
Not only that we want a very trustworthy and mature Userbase on top of that.

Here are the steps on how to get accepted and to apply for devshub:

#1 Step:
Peruse through this post and understand it!

#2 Step:
Use the given template:

#3 Step:
Answer all the questions given in all honesty and show
the effort of you wanting to join devshub.

#4 Step:
Open a thread HERE and post your application.

After a Staff Member has reviewed your application, you will receive an email or you will receive a message on any of the
other contact links that you have given us.
If your application was denied, you can submit another application in the next 48 hours.
Only one application every 48 hours of the application phase being open.

If you feel that your application was wrongfully denied, you can open a support ticket in the discord (Fastest Method) or PM
tr1x If I don't reply in 24 hours PM another staff member.

P.S. You WILL NOT be able to view or edit your post when you submit it, this is a warning so do your best before submitting it.
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